Svi mečevi Evropskog prvenstva moći će da se prate na sajtu LEN. U saopštenju za medije navodi se:

Fans can enjoy all matches of the European Water Polo Championships through live webcast on the LEN’s website.

Though a handful of broadcasters will live broadcast matches from the European Water Polo Championships in Budapest, the most extensive coverage will be available through LEN’s website, as usual.

“We will have all matches live on our website” said Marco Birri, LEN Sports & Office Manager. “Unlike the previous editions, this time our Host Broadcaster will cover each and every game which is fantastic news to the water polo community as the fans can watch the highest quality production, thanks to the Hungarian Television. Since we are in Budapest, Hungary, at the Mecca of water polo, such a coverage is something of a basic here.”

Fans can follow the games by visiting LEN’s website: and click on the relevant slide image. Enjoying the live webcast is free and it’s going to be available anywhere without geo-blocking.

The event kicks off on Monday 14 July at Budapest in the Margaret Island in the legendary Alfred Hajos swimming complex which has been totally refurbished for the Europeans. The women’s final is scheduled on 26 July while the men’s medal games take place on 27 July.